Landing page for selling books

Private authors and small publishing houses want to sell their books without building their own store or pay commissions to other stores. We in Helicon Books developed the perfect product for that: the landing page – convenient, quick and low-priced selling platform.

The landing page is a link distributed by the author in different forums (such as Facebook). The user taps on the link, enter mail and password, pays – and the book arrives to the app.

If the user doesn't have the Helicon Books app, he can download it after he bought the book. The page registers the user to the app, thus he simply has to sign in.


  • A simple way of selling and distributing digital books

  • Copyrights protection (in contrast to sending by e-mail)

  • Ease of use for the user

The user will pay by pay-pall link that will open after the purchase.